Web design for fashion designers


the client

MÍA BRUNS is a fashion firm dedicated to the exclusive design and creation of headdresses and accessories inspired by the sea and its treasures.

“We create our pieces completely by hand, using mainly natural elements as raw materials and as unique as shells or corals collected by hand one by one on the seashore, resulting in something as special as our Sea Jewels.”

Its main sales channels are the direct sale of pieces already created or orders for custom designs.

the challenge

MÍA BRUNS was in the process of growth and renewal of the brand and its products. Originally focused on the bridal market, they had decided to expand the market by offering more casual designs and expanding the type of products available such as earrings, pendants …

They also wanted to decisively promote and develop online sales (which was initially practically relegated to a mere mandatory online presence) and for this they required a complete redesign of the website.

The challenge of this redesign was to create a website that would define different customers journeys for profiles as different as brides, bridesmaids or guests to events and with two equally important objectives: the sale of products in stock and personalized orders.

the solution

The goal of the entire site design was very clear: to get site users to achieve their goals as clearly and quickly as possible. The problem was that these users had very different and complex profiles and needs from each other. We needed to design an e-commerce capable of attracting both brides who were looking for an exclusive and unique design in their accessories (custom design) and other types of clients that spanned much broader age ranges (25-65 years) with a knowledge of the very disparate technology and that they would mainly look for a product in stock, cheaper and wearable than custom designs.

So the first step was to define various sayings of people covering these profiles so as not to lose the focus or balance that should be obtained in the different customer journeys at any time. With these profiles created and after several tests with nearby users, we began to design an information architecture by levels in which the user, in the most intuitive way, could navigate through different clearly defined and interrelated categories or could go directly when requesting information on exclusive designs in the case of being your need.

The subtle and elegant graphic design in keeping with the brand, helped to highlight the visual strength of the products presented, increasing their presence and prominence.

Finally, a complete design was achieved that both clients and users liked, becoming a reference website in the sector.

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