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About me


If I have differentiated myself in something throughout my professional years, it has been in my ability to be able to provide solutions to the different challenges that may arise. This is due to my innate curiosity, which has led me to have knowledge in multiple areas and disciplines, which I use to be able to approach challenges from different points of view and thereby arriving at more creative solutions.

I don’t consider myself a teacher in anything, but I do consider myself a student of everything, and this has helped me a lot.

seem like yesterday


el lapicero (2015 - today)

Freelance Designer
- UX Design
- Web Design
- Graphic Design
- Web Analyst
- Editorial Design
- Motion Graphics

VsoftCo LTD (2015 - 2017)

Lead Designer
- Manage and supervision of visual improvements in Vsoftco products (3D / 2D Art, Motion Capture, UI Design)
- Design, supervision and development of visual material for new products.
- Design and production of graphic material for marketing projects. - Definition of a library of animations (walk, run, kicks…) to be created with Motion Capture (Mocap), design of the football plays, preparation of the references for the Mocap session
- Follow up of the Mocap sessions
- Technical revision of the animations created with Mocap
- Planning of the revision of animated sequences

Gextech (2005 - 2011)

Graphic Designer
- 3D Animation
- Graphic Designer



Things you can learn and others


For a UX Designer it’s very important to have a high level of knowledge in several tools and apps, but it’s just matter of time to learn them. However, there are things that school cannot teach you. These things are part of you and they have been growing inside of you with your living experiences, the values that have inspired to you and the environment where you has grow and evolved. These are the qualities define me as person and professional.


- Creativity
- Conceptualization
- Synthesis
- Comunication
- High capacities to learn
- Unlimited curiosity
- Critic thought
- Resolving ability
- Organized


- Team worker
- Leadership ability
- Kindness
- Empathy
- Peacemaker
- Honest

and tools too

- Adobe XD
- Adobe Illustrator
- Photoshop
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- After Effects
- Adobe Premier
- Lightroom
- Dimension

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