about bikinis y conversions...


the client

11Desires is a fashion firm specialized in women’s swimwear. They are defined as:

We are an exclusive and elegant swimwear firm.

We take care of even the smallest detail prioritizing the quality of the fabrics, which we buy around the world, we design and manufacture bikinis, swimsuits and bathroom accessories in Malaga, in an artisanal way and they are simple but sophisticated lines, feminine, comfortable and very very sexy so that all the girl who wears one of our designs feels like a diva.

Its main sales channels are retail through business partners with boutiques linked to high-end leisure and, in the last year, directly to the end customer through the firm’s online store.

the problem

Despite the good demand and reputation of its products among its associated distributors, the customer comes with a huge concern regarding its online sales channel (the one that should bring the most benefit): its e-commerce was launched a year ago and there have hardly been any sales through it.

They ask me to identify what the problem is and apply the necessary actions to solve it (CRO strategy). The only condition is not to propose a new redesign of the site since it has meant a high investment and they do not want to give it up for loss.

The solution

The methodology to follow to try to locate and solve the problem was obvious: carry out a complete audit of the website that would provide me with enough information to locate where and why the problem was occurring, propose possible solutions and evaluate their effectiveness.

The first part of the audit consisted of conducting an internal and external analysis of the website.

At an external level, I analyzed direct competition in the sector, observing their information architecture designs, their front-end structures, the type of information they offered and the styles they used to write copies. I also carried out a brief SWOT analysis with the intention that it could serve as an orientation in order to define some actions that would help to highlight differentiating values.

In the external analysis I focused on the evaluation of the usability and the experience of using the website during the purchase process. To do this, I designed some person sheets with the intention of never losing the profile of the end users and what they would expect from e-commerce like that.

I performed a heuristic usability analysis (Jakob Nielsen), comparative analysis with the competition, load analysis and as there was no budget to carry out tests with real users, I asked some questions about online shopping habits in this type of products in some groups of WhatsApp to which I belong and in which there were girls with a profile similar to those defined in the person files.

All the data obtained from these analyzes led me to a clear hypothesis about what was happening on the web and that it could be the origin of the low conversions in the store: the web did not provide confidence in the product or in the purchase process and, in addition, it offered a confusing and tedious browsing experience due to its low loading speed.

Based on all the hot spots detected during the usability and UX analyzes, I wrote some proposals for improvements and bug fixes to improve the experience and confidence of users on the site and thus be able to significantly increase sales through the firm’s website.

Obviously, all these actions had to be monitored from their start-up in order to objectively evaluate their impact on the conversion funnel. To do this, I implemented a series of tracking tags and configured for the client a series of dashboards with data obtained from Google Analytics so that they could have a monthly report on the evolution of different relevant metrics.

The result of all this work was an immediate response in the behavior of incoming traffic on the web, reducing abandonment rates, increasing the average time of permanence and of course, significant improvement in sales even above initial forecasts, and taking into account the seasonality of the product and its serious impact by the current crisis.

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